Saturday, 5 March 2016

My Frugal Tasks 6/3/16

This week was pretty amazing in regards to our debt free progress. At the beginning of every month, I keep track of our debt totals for the month and type them into a word document. This month we paid off $4654! We had some "extra" money in a savings account and decided it would be put to better use on the mortgage. Even without the bonus $2000, $2654 is still a big amount compared to normal months, where the average extra payment is around $1500. I'm so pleased with this! We are now in the 60's and it feels great!

Some of my frugal tasks this week included:

-Received a gorgeous handmade notebook from a friend. I can't wait to write in it!

-Made some Jack Skellington felt ornaments to possibly sell on Etsy.

-Did some more online surveys and redeemed $50 in supermarket vouchers. I exchanged this for $50 cash I had in my grocery cash envelope. The cash will now go towards paying some of our debt.

-Redeemed $20 with another survey company. This one could only be redeemed for food vouchers at a local service station and didn't seem like good value for money. But rather than let them go to waste, I picked the best deal and we know have chocolate treats for a movie night.

-Got several items of free clothing from co-op. Also some free plums, zucchinis, apples and nectarines. I also shopped there and got 10kg of food for $15.

- Went grocery shopping at Coles and only needed to buy essentials like flour, sugar, milk, cheese etc. I spent just over $50 and about $20 of this was buying extras for my stockpile. I found eggs reduced to $1.80 a dozen.

-Met up with a friend in the city for coffee and lunch. I had budgeted money for this and even came home with $5 change!

- Bought theater tickets for a friend and I, to see High Fidelity the Musical on Friday night. I am a member and get the tickets for cheaper than retail prices. She paid for tickets to see Ross Noble on Saturday night.

-Picked some rocket and silverbeet  salad greens from our garden.

-Opened the windows on cool days to let the breeze in. 

-Cooked and froze plum compote with our free plums. Also baked a plum cake and Mr 9 learned how to make custard.

-Hubby and Mr 9 made a couple of batches of brownies.

- Watered our vegies with water left in drink bottles. My kids are notorious for half drinking a bottle of water and leaving the rest out, so I now save it in a jug and pour on our garden.

-Made a big dish of lentil pie for dinner, which we ate over a few nights and defrosted a zucchini slice for an easy meal with salad on a busy night.

Zucchini slice and salad for dinner.

Free fruit from co-op.

My $15 shop from co-op.

Jack Skellington ornaments I made.

Earned $50 worth of Coles vouchers this week.

Treat vouchers for doing surveys.

The lovely notebook a friend made me.

Such a great show at my local community theater.

Plum cake and custard for dessert.


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  2. Mel I'm in such awe at your savings each month. And those ornaments are really, really cool. Ace idea selling on etsy!
    Oh Tim Burton is a genius eh?! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Caz! It's really great to see the mortgage going down! I am a huge Tim Burton fan. x

  3. Aaaaand
    High Fidelity as a stage play?? Wha??!!
    One of my all time favourite films. Too bad I live in a sleepy seaside town!

    1. Caz, it was a-mazing! I loved it so, so much! Is there a community theatre near you? x

  4. There is but the local theatre group do pantomimes-think Aladdin, Cinderella etc....all fun and all but eeeek! Nothing as fun as High Fidelity

    1. Ours do pantomimes as well, but evenly balanced with Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Into the Woods, Avenue Q and Little Shop of horrors is on later in the year. Cant wait for that one! Maybe you could put a request in? I know it does depend on what scripts they can obtain the rights to? x

  5. You are very creative and resourceful. Well done on getting the mortgage down, we still have a long way to go. Bit of a newbie on the frugal path, but determined. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Lisa xo

  6. Hi Lisa, thank you so much. I enjoy the creativity in being frugal. It just takes time, I wish we had of started sooner, but you live and learn! I hope you find some useful posts here x