Sunday, 5 May 2019

I'm back

fiHi everyone. Thank you for all your kind messages, I really appreciate them. I am happy to say that I am in recovery and am doing well. Unfortunately I had been struggling with my mental illness for quite some time. Things had gotten so bad because I had been neglecting my own health and thought I could just keep going when in fact, I was pouring from an empty cup. Time, therapy and medication have given me my life back.

A lot has been happening here. Mr 10 (Rowan) is now 13, and going to our local community school. He also is involved in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and loves it, and just won a silver metal in a competition yesterday.

Mr 14 (Tom) is now 17 and finished school last year. He is currently working 2 jobs and  is looking for a trade apprenticeship.

Miss 17 (Abigail) is now 20, and has had a few jobs but is currently unemployed. She has had her own mental health issues and we just had a first year anniversary with no hospital admissions, yay!

As for me, last year I started volunteering at a local community organization and also completed my Certificate lll in Community Services. This year I am studying full-time at Tafe (college) doing my Diploma in Community Services. The course is quite full on, but I'm really enjoying it.

My hubby (Richard) is still having chronic pain issues. He is pretty much running the house most days while I'm attending lectures.

We are still living frugally, I now have student fees to pay off and have redone a budget. Our mortgage is down to around $30, 000. We also have done some upgrades to our home including new security doors and roller shutters. So what's everyone else been up to? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below.