Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Felt Woodland Animals

I've been making a solid effort with homemade gifts in order to be organized with my gift giving. If I have a heap of gifts ready to go, this saves me money and it gives me something to do in the evenings. I find sewing really relaxing and it keeps my hands and mind busy.

One of the teens youth group leader is having a baby shower in April so I starting to think what would make a unisex gift. I picked up a $1 blanket from the op shop and thought this would be cute with something added to it. I found out the parents to-be are having a woodland animal theme so started researching ideas online.

I came across these cute fox and squirrel  felt toys. There was no pattern, just a picture so Miss 17 traced the images on a piece of paper for me. You just need the outline, the tail, facial features and tail details. All are separate pieces. I also asked her to sketch up another 3 templates for an owl, bear and rabbit to complete the set. It is quite easy to draw up your own templates, even if it takes a few attempts!

I was originally going to make these into a banner for the nursery and add some green felt leaves, but haven't fully decided yet. I also think these would make a lovely set of toys for a small child along with some natural blocks perhaps.

What have you been crafting lately? x