Saturday, 26 March 2016

My Frugal Tasks 27/03/16

Taking time to slow down and enjoy tea, in a cup from a friend.

Mr 14 came home from his Wilderness Trek on Wednesday night, tired, hungry and dirty. Once he had washed up and well fed, he told us stories of his 5 day adventure. This included walking 20 kilometers each day, plus physical challenges like pulling a 4 wheel drive by hand for 6 kilometres, eating only very nutritious but not tasty food like seaweed, lamb's heart and liver, anchovies, entire parsnips and lots of vegetable juice. The also did not sleep with any pillows or sleeping bags but simply a yoga mat and a piece of tarpaulin. Despite these difficulties he has come home with renewed appreciation for our home and the food I cook. He also has developed a better relationship with the other students he went on Trek with. Lots of learning all around I think!

Other than that, it's been another slow and steady week here. I've come to realize that if  I just keep plodding away at the little things that need to be done, it all adds up. Thankfully I always seem to have enough to write up at the end of the week :)

My frugal tasks this week were:

-I finally decided what to do with those little felt woodland animals I made a while ago for a baby shower gift. I strung them up onto some sticks and made a mobile. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

-Finished sewing the scrap bunting. Just in time for Mr 9's Birthday next week.

-Baked some Easter biscuits using my vanilla biscuit recipe. I also made a bread and butter pudding with some hot cross buns, and cheese crackers which were really yummy. I found the recipe on this YouTube channel which also has some delicious looking recipes.

-Planted some silver beet, kale and Chinese broccoli seeds.

-Packaged some of the Easter biscuits we made for gift giving. I also gave away some tomato relish, candy eggs and jellybeans to friends. These were bought cheaply from co-op. In an upcycled paper bag of course!

-Miss 17 does not start her next studies until July, so is doing some volunteering at a local nursing home to fill her time. She gets lunch while she is there and often brings home leftover meals, which would otherwise go in the bin.

-Yesterday hubby took Mr 9 out for a free birthday lunch at Miss Mauds. We don't normally eat out because it is too expensive but this is a great birthday freebie, and I will write a separate post on Birthday freebies soon. With this offer, kids under 12 get a free smorgasbord lunch, bunch of balloons and huge lolly bag. Hubby ordered a burger from the a la carte menu which is cheaper from the smorgasbord. All up it cost $21.50, which is great value for 2 at a restaurant.

-Stuck to my budget of $25 for Easter chocolate for the 5 of us. Our kids don't get Easter gifts from family so I like them to have a few different things. This year I bought us all a $1 bunny, a box of hunting eggs and a bag of small eggs to share. I also bought the kids a big block of chocolate each which I got half price for $3.25. My best friend who lives interstate, also transferred $5 into my account to buy us all a $1 bunny, which was so lovely of her and much appreciated!

- We pulled out our Easter box and decorated the house for Easter with ornaments collected over the years. I have since been inspired by Wendy's beautiful decorations at My Abundant Life
I have some eggs on picks that would look lovely in a vase or jar like she has done. I also a small box of  eggs with ribbon for hanging but just leave them in the crate as a display. Some I hang up on a green metal jewelery stand from Ikea, but I'm thinking the others would look nice strung up on wool like a garland. I will go through my stash and try to make more use of the items I have ready for next Easter.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Easter weekend! x

A homemade gift for friends.

The finished mobile.

Mr 9 doing his home ed, while I sew.

Cutting out some Easter biscuits.

Our finished biscuits. I only had red food coloring so used that and cocoa powder to colour the icing.

Delicious homemade cheese crackers.

Leftovers Miss 17 received.

Bread and butter pudding made with hot cross buns.

All 3 kids in one shot, helping decorate the biscuits.

Felt Easter bunting I made. We hang this up every year.

Decorations the kids made when they were small.

Mr 9 added an Easter touch to the nature table.

Easter ornaments bought from the $2 shop.

The table all set up for Easter Sunday morning.

The Easter bunny left some paw prints!

A bargain bunting from the $2 shop I reuse every year.

Another cheap decoration from the $2 shop.

I love these jars given to me from a friend.

A crate of plastic painted eggs.

A special Easter breakfast.


  1. Glad you guys had a happy Easter. Your decos looked great, love the bunting and the felt mobile, thats gorgeous. Really enjoying your blog, so glad I have found you, Annabel and Wendy. Lisa xx

    1. Hi Lisa, we had a nice relaxing break and hope you did too. That's so nice of you to say! I hope you find some inspiration here. I am very grateful to have found Wendy and Annabel too. xx