Thursday, 31 March 2016

Eating for Free on Your Birthday

Mr 10 with his free birthday balloons and lolly bag from Miss Maud.

 Because it is my youngest son's birthday this week, I thought I'd share some birthday freebies for you all. Nothing beats free! Our family have been taking advantage of some of these offers for a few years now and it has become a tradition to take the birthday person out to pick up their free Subway lunch and Baskin Robbins ice cream.

So here are my top picks for eating for free on your birthday- no strings attached! I have included hyperlinks in the sub titles and have also listed whether it is an online club or if you have to go in store first. Enjoy!


Join the Subway Club online and receive a free 6 inch sub and drink of your choice.

Free 6 inch sub and drink.

Nicholsons Bar and Grill

Register online for their birthday club and receive a free meal to the value of $30 during Monday- Thursday on the month of your birthday. Or on Friday, Saturday and Sunday get $15 off a main meal. I have eaten at Nicholson's a few times and find the food to be very good quality and you do get a very generous serve.

Miss Maud

Kids under 12 years old can join their mailing list and receive a card in the month of their birthday. This card entitles the child to a free smorgasbord lunch or dinner, free balloons and a huge treat bag filled with lollies. We have found the cheapest option is to allow 1 adult to accompany the child and this parent buys them self a meal from the menu and drink water as we find the smorgasbord to be really expensive. This year it was hubby's turn to take Mr 9 and he bought a steak burger and chips which came to $21.50, it was a huge serve. All up not a bad price for a really nice lunch out for 2 people.

 At one point I did start to think that it would be "nice" for us all to go out for lunch there as hubby and I would eat there regularly in our pre-kid days.  I did the math and for our family of 5 to eat there this would cost $180 for a weekday lunch or $225 for dinner. That's more than my fortnightly grocery shopping. No thanks, I'll stick to the free meal! In saying that though, the staff there are always really lovely and the food is amazing.

Mr 9 enjoying his free Miss Maud lunch last year.

Baskin Robbins

Join their  Club 31 online and receive a voucher for a free scoop of your choice.

Free ice cream!

Muffin Break

Free introductory coffee, plus a muffin on your birthday.  You will need to pick up a Muffin Break card in store first, and then register online.

San Churro

Free churros for 2 worth $13.95. Sign up online.


Grab a card in store and then sign up on line to get a free meal.

Cold Rock

Sign up online and get a free ice cream scoop.


Grab a Vibe Club card in store, activate online for a free birthday juice.

 Outback Jack's

Another online sign up. 6 months out from your birthday you will receive a 1/2 birthday meal voucher via email. This will entitle you to a FREE* $35 meal voucher at your local Outback Jacks store. 
Birthday month.  BOOK A TABLE with your local Outback Jacks store and present this email to receive the $35 meal voucher. I checked the fine print on this one and a minimum of 2 adults must dine.

Jamaica Blue

This is a loyalty style program. Pick up a card in the store, apply online and get a free slice of cake on your birthday.

Sumo Salad

A free regular salad on your birthday. You must pick up a card in store first and activate online.


 Receive a free burrito after getting a card in store and activating online.

One year I got a free burrito, coffee and muffin.

I hope you like my list of birthday freebies. Are there any other birthday offers you know of that are  missing?


  1. Hi Mel,

    Nandos do a free birthday meal. They email u a voucher for use in the month of ur birthday.
    U can Pick up a peri peri perks card instore. Thanks for all ur tips. Leah.

  2. Thanks so much Mel for sharing this information! While we don't have many places available locally due to living in a regional area, I was able to activate the subway offer. I'll let my family and friends know also. Any savings are good savings, especially any free stuff! :-) Kaye xo

  3. Hi Kaye, you are very welcome! You are right, free stuff is great. We rarely eat out so the birthday freebies are a very welcome treat. xx

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