Saturday, 16 January 2016

My Frugal Tasks- 17/01/16

-Made paper toppers for jam and used my 50c twine and tag kits I got last week to make labels. These will go in my gift stockpile.

-Made some bleach resist tees with shirts I bought on sale months ago. A couple are also for gift giving.

-Tidied up my gift stockpile and added some bows, pretty labels etc to some homemade candles, lip balm, bath bombs and furniture polish. These are now ready for birthday presents.

-Made our own mouthwash using 300ml water, 1tsp bi carb soda and 1tsp peppermint essence.

-Finished hand sewing a birthday gift for a friends little son.

-Picked some grapes, leeks and the last of the silver beet and cherry tomatoes from our garden.

-Took Mr 9 to the library for a presentation on worm farming. The kids all got to make and bring home their own mini worm farm and we borrowed some books.

-I helped a friend's elderly neighbours by tidying up their backyard and putting rubbish into a skip bin. There were 5 of us and we got it all done in no time. The couple were so grateful, and I really enjoyed helping them.

-Mr 9 won a competition he entered. He received 2 DVDs and was over the moon!

-Am re reading The Tightwad Gazette, which I got for my birthday last year. It is full of money saving tips.

-Baked some jam donut muffins, sultana tea cake  muesli, made chocolate pudding, custard and fruit juice jelly for snacks.

- Went out for dinner with some girl friends and came home under budget.

-Made some soy candles. Some of these are for a friend who pays me to refill her jars and I also made a couple for gifts.

-Did a small grocery shop- we are still eating out of our freezer. I shopped for the specials and  bought a whole watermelon, 5 kg of carrots (I will peel, blanch and freeze some), 1 kg fish, 4 kg potatoes, 8 zucchinis, eggs, 2 minute noodles, icecream (for Miss 16's birthday) and cooking chocolate.

-Received a beautiful book of Gustav Klimt's artworks from a lovely human who follows my blog and IG. Such a kind gesture!

Mr 14 and the bleach resist tee he made.

Mr 9 and his mini worm farm and another bleach resist tee!

I picked some grapes, leeks, silverbeet and the last of our cherry tomatoes.

My $30 top up shopping.

Homemade soy candles.

Jam donut cupcakes-so yummy!

The book I received. I can't wait to read it!


  1. Love the t shirt. Your son did a great job. The jam toppers look wonderful too. Very professional.

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! I have been very inspired by your frugal tasks :)