Saturday, 30 January 2016

My Frugal Tasks 31/1/16

Apple rose tarts.

It's funny how the weeks go so fast. This week I really made an effort to get a lot done as it's back to school next week, which means back to studies for Miss 17, community school for Mr 14 and home school for Mr 9. I know most of my time during the day will be taken up with home education so I will be getting up early in the morning to do any paid surveys, blogging, freelancing or any prep for the day. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. As much as I love the school holidays and by the end of the year we are all ready for a break I am also itching to get my home back into a rhythm. I hope you have all had a great week!

-Made some more cards using items in my craft box, one was for a 21st Birthday party the teens went to and I made it to match the gift I made, which was a homemade soy candle. I'm addicted and can't wait to make more!

-Baked some yummy apple rose tarts using ingredients I already had on hand.

-Finally finished painting my kitchen drawers. This is a task that has been nagging at me. It's great to finally have it done!

-Watched some family movies on Netflix and made some popcorn and had lollies from my stockpile for snacks. Our free trial ends on the 30th-today! and we are trying to make use of it until then!

-Took Mr 9 to a free event at the library which was olden day crafts. We made origami frogs and played cards games. I saved money on petrol by calling into the local pools and paying swimming lesson fees and picking up a few loss leader specials at the supermarket as both are next to the library.

-Bought some deodorant which was half price for my stockpile. I also had money left over in my grocery budget from last pay so I spent an extra $20 on items we use regularly like longlife milk, sugar also for my stockpile.

-Baked a tea cake, biscuits and jelly for snacks and made my homemade maple flavoured syrup.

-Did some surveys online, and earned a $20 Coles and a $10 Kmart voucher.

-Made homemade cranberry and raspberry iced tea. I used 500 ml boiling water with 2 teabags then added 500ml of cranberry and raspberry juice. I had in my cupboard. Yummy!

-Sorted through Mr 9's home ed books. We are still using the history, math, science and history curriculum from last year. As well as some free printables I've found online. It's certainly enough to make a good start for the year.

-I wrapped some Birthday and Christmas gifts ready for my best friend, who lives interstate but is staying with us in May. That way she can take the gifts back home with her and I've saved money on postage. She does the same and brings us gifts for the year.

-Made use of my time by taking some hand sewing along to Mr 9's drama group. That way I save petrol by staying- its a 15 minute drive- instead of dropping him off and I get to catch up on my sewing.

 - Picked up some reclaimed bread, rolls and hot cross buns from the op shop. I also got a parsnip, mushrooms and 3 capsicums. All for free. We are very grateful for this.

-Went op shopping and bought Miss 17 a couple of dress shirts she wanted for $3.50 each, this came out of our clothing budget. I also bought a blue bed valance for $4, which I will cut up and use the fabric to make some gifts. I also found a vintage looking teddy which will be a Birthday gift for a friend for 80c and dinosaur slippers for a friends toddler which were $1- also gifts.

-I made a start on a couple of superhero capes using the $4 valance. I have also cutout a felt star to add on the back and will sew a felt mask to go with it. I'll post pics when it's finished. One is a gift for a special girl's 3rd Birthday-she requested a blue cape. The other I will make and put away in my present stockpile. The valance has yielded heaps of fabric-enough to make the 2 capes plus more for my fabric stash. Bargain!

-Made progress on tidying up our garage. We currently have a hard rubbish collection so we put lots of stuff out the front. I came across an box full of teacups which were my Nanna's. I will keep a few and might try and sell the others or I might pour some soy wax in the tea cups and they would make pretty gifts.

-I made a Friday night fakeaway of fish and chips.

The 21st card I made to match the soy candle. The black and white print is a free wallpaper sample!

I spend an extra $20 on items for my stockpile.

Lynx was on sale for $2.89, I bought a few for my stockpile.

Our free hot cross buns and bread. So grateful.

My op shop bargains. total cost $12.80!

$30 of vouchers from online surveys.

Fakeaway of fish and chips.

Kitchen drawers before.

And after.

Our origami frogs. They can jump pretty high!

I painted the little frame I salvaged. It looks great on my bookshelf.

I made a start on a couple of superhero capes, using the $4 valance.

Lovely teacups.


  1. What a great week. I love the frame.

    1. Thanks so much! It turned out great with a bit of spray paint. xx

  2. You are so talented! YOu did really well saving money and creating such lovely gifts. :)

    1. Thanks so much Debbie! I really enjoy crafting and every dollar we save can go towards paying off our debt. Thats plenty of motivation right there! xx

  3. You are so talented! YOu did really well saving money and creating such lovely gifts. :)

  4. Hi Mel, I absolutely love the tea cups and the frogs. The frogs remind me of doing origami when I was a child , many moons ago!..
    I also love the apple rose pastries/ pies , they look beautiful and delicious.
    Thanks for another great post Mel, I have been catching up on your blog posts from before I discovered your blog!.love it. Love Barb.

    1. Hi Barb,

      The origami was a bit tricky, but fun. I was so happy to find the tea cups. There is a set of 6 that I have decided to keep and the other 2 will be gifts. The apple rose pastries were yummy and the kids were so impressed. You can look the tutorial up on YouTube. Thank you so much xx

  5. Thanks for all the photos. I love to see what others are making.

  6. I absolutely love your a fellow perthian. Can you share if you don't mind what survey site you use. I have tried some but none had grocery vouchers cheers jodie

    1. Hi Jodie, great to meet another Perthian :)I currently am registered with about half a dozen at the moment and will write a post on the sites I use soon. Some I have more luck with than others. x

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