Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Frugal Tasks- 24/1/16

It's been another busy and productive week here.

-My daughter turned 17 this week! It is tradition that we have a home cooked meal of our choice on our birthdays so we had chicken karage for dinner, mocktails and a homemade "Boost chocolate" ice cream cake. We also decorated the house using felt banners I made, balloons and party poppers we had in our party box.

- Sold some items on Gumtree and put the money on an additional mortgage payment to reduce our debt.

-Volunteered at a local food co-op with a friend. We got to buy some cheap groceries there too.

-Received a gorgeous homemade soy candle and dandelion salve from an IG friend. She also sent Mr 9 a handmade bowl, which he is now using to store his crystals. So beautiful!

-Helped a friends elderly relatives clean their year up. I rescued a fully lined guitar case for my daughter that was going to be taken to the tip. I also salvaged a very old copy of Alice In Wonderland which I will give to a friend's daughter and also a lovely ornate frame I will spray paint black and will look great in my living room.

-Went to the movies. The kids used a movie ticket they got as a Christmas gift, so I only paid for my ticket. We also packed drinks and snacks from home.

-Received a box of chocolates as a thank you gift.

-Bought some supplies from our gift fund to make a homemade gift.

-Stretched a roast chicken and boiled the bones to make a lovely and filling chicken and barley soup.

-Picked up some free bread and rolls from the op shop.

-Decorated a couple jars for the soy candles I made last week. One will be a Birthday gift for one of the teens youth group leaders.

- Made a list of all the craft items I have on hand ready to participate in Annabels Christmas Challenge

- Picked up a couple of books from my favourite author for only 50c each from the op shop. I also got some material for only $1 each.

-We went for a BBQ lunch and walk at a nearby dam.

-Brewed and bottled more kombucha. Id like to aim to drink some at least everyday.

What have you all been up to this week?

The table decorated with Miss 17's birthday gifts and some balloons. She also received pet mice.

I use these felt flags to decorate the house on our birthday's.

Mocktails with fancy straws from our party box.

Miss 17's homemade icecream cake.

Bulk cooking of gluten free quiches and zucchini slices for the freezer.

Cheap groceries from the co-op. I stocked up on pasta and rice and there are a few treats as well.

Book and frame I rescued. I have since painted the frame and will post a pic next week.

The beautiful handmade goodies from a friend.

The material was such a bargain! The blue tulle I will use to make a child's tutu.

Lemon and Basil scented soy candles ready for gifting.

Yummy soup bulked out with barley and vegetables.


  1. Hello Mel, I found your blog via Wendy at the my abundant life blog. I have enjoyed reading and seeing your crafts and the bargains you get. Although I have only read for a short time, I love your writing style. This is the first time I have commented on your blog I think. I love craft too especially making cards and scrapbooking and beading. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thanks Mel . Kind regards Barb

  2. Hi Barb,thank you very much! Wendy is lovely and such an inspiration. It's so great to "meet" like minded folks. Many of my friends think I'm a bit over the top with my frugal ways. I have just started making cards with some scrapbooking supplies I had on hand and love it. I will post some pics soon.xx

  3. Basil scented candle? I couldn't handle that because basil triggers migraines for me but I LOVE the idea! I'd never have thought to use a herb scent except mint.

    1. Yes, it is a Brambleberry fragrance oil. You can use any scented oils in candle making :)

  4. What a wonderful week of thriftiness. I love the candles you have made.

  5. Well I finally got to read one of your blogs (I'm hiding out from the bulk rubbish stuff I'm supposed to be moving haha thanks for the distraction). You have been very busy this week, which of course was a couple weeks ago now.. I was write excited to see I rated a mention woo hoo!

    I have some craft supplies you can have, Ty too used to scrap book but as with kids the hobby goes by rather quickly, I have sone "wax" you can use to write on the candles you make. I will do my part in recycling and put them away for you as I sort thru the junk room everyone dumps their stuff in but never revisits to reclaim..

    Anyway my mind wandered as it does so often these days, I wanted to say I have enjoyed reading your blog thus far and I'm going to try take a leaf out of your book. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Thanks B! Hahaha yes, thanks for introducing me to the co-op! Thanks for the wax paint, I'm sure I will find a use for it ;)x