Saturday, 9 January 2016

My Frugal Tasks- 10/01/16

-Mr 9 received some Disney Infinity characters for his game, from one of my lovely Instagram followers. We are so grateful!

 -Bought some Christmas paper with bright colours and gifts on the print for $1 a roll. these will be used to wrap birthday presents during the year.

-Picked the first bunch of grapes grapes from our vine.

-Saved some rocket, silverbeet and rock-melon seeds to plant later in the year.

-I've been getting a head start on this years Christmas gifts and have been hand sewing some felt ornaments.

-Bought Miss 16 an early Birthday gift of 2 female mice from Gumtree. They needed to be re homed due to the owners moving to a house with cats. I got the cage, toys, bedding, food etc for a third of what they would cost to buy new at a pet store.

-Repaired the strap on Mr 9's swimming goggles with sewing elastic. The lenses were still in good shape, just the rubber strap had deteriorated. Even though they only cost a few dollars I couldn't bear to throw them into landfill without attempting to fix them first! Now they are as good as new.

-Found some more Christmas markdowns, the best buy was twine and tag kits for 50c each. these will be perfect for labeling my homemade preserves ready for giving. I also got some lollies and and cardboard box I will reuse as our Christmas Eve box.

-Picked up some free bread from the op shop.

-I hand stitched some felt Christmas ornaments with the felt I bought last week. These will make great gifts.

-Signed up for a 30 day free trial of Netflix- free school holiday entertainment!

-Continuing to eat from our stockpile, I will need some fresh vegetables during the week.

Mis 16's early birthday gift

Bargains from Red Dot. Total cost $3.75.

Clearance items from Target. Total cost $3.00.

Christmas wrapping paper for $1 each that I will use for wrapping Birthday gifts.

Felt ornaments I made.

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