Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Homemade Cards

Black card with a wallpaper sample and grey embossed cardboard. I coloured in the chandelier.

I have been inspired by Annabel's Christmas Challenge and Wendy's card making . 
I went through all my craft supplies and made a list of what items I have on hand to make gifts. I aim to use what I have before buying anything. One of the things I have a lot of is card stock, scrap booking papers and stickers. When the teens were young some friends and I would get together for scrap booking sessions. I no longer do this craft, but many of the supplies are perfect for card making. I have a friend who makes fabulous cards and has a Sizzix machine, so I decided to invite her over for a pot luck lunch and card making day.

We had a great time sharing supplies, ideas and made lots of cards ready for the year. Mr 14 thinks card making is a "Nanna hobby" but I love it and have already sorted though my papers and have folded cardboard ready to make more!

I found I was a bit slow to get started but once I did, I made heaps! I like to first find what colour card I'm going to use and then add at least 2 other elements like layered paper in a similar tone and wording or a sticker.

Here are some of the cards I made:

My basic first card. A green card with yellow corrugated card and a cut out tag.

I added scrapbook paper to the front, a stamp and then a border sticker in the middle.

This is one of my favourites. A silver card with red scrap booking paper an Alice in wonderland cutout and frame sticker.

A grey card with black corrugated cardboard, brads and a printed quote.

Purple background with yellow chevron card and a cutout.

Pink card with vellum paper, a ribbon, mini peg and embellished tag.

Orange card with a printed scrap book paper and a pre cut quote.

A brown background with embossed cardboard, and layered pictures.

White card with textured scrap booking paper & embellishments.

Orange card with scrap booking paper, orange brads and stamped white card.

Blue card with scrap booking paper and a cut out quote.

Brown card with, layered scrap booking papers and a sticker word. 

Do any of my readers make cards?


  1. You have done a great job. They look so good. I make some here and there. The kids and I got together Monday and made my mom handmade birthday cards. It was fun.

    1. Thanks Chrissy! Making cards with the kids sounds fun. Right now mine are not at all interested!

  2. Beautiful cards Mel, you have done a great job. I love to make cards and am researching some more ideas at the moment. Thank you for sharing your cards with us Mel. Love Barb