Sunday, 6 December 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks- 6/11/15

This week, starts the new month of December and I am happy to say we paid off $2055 towards our November debt! This figure was boosted up by an extra $650 made from selling our unwanted items on Gumtree. In the past, this bonus money would have been spent on treating the family to a day out. But I am now super focused in paying off our mortgage and becoming debt free. Every dollar counts!

Some of this week's frugal tasks included:

-Filled our upcycled advent calendar with lollies and chocolates bought in last years post Christmas sales.

- Picked more tomatoes from our garden and made passata for the freezer. I also cleaned out the fridge and used up some limp looking vegetables. I made a chocolate zucchini cake, blanched a couple of broccoli's to freeze and cut the kernels off a few fresh corn cobs and blanched these for the freezer and dehydrated some apples.

_Made a fresh batch of kombucha tea.

-Wrapped most of our Christmas gifts-I only have a couple more to go. And used wrapping paper and tags bought for only a few cents in last years sales.

-Picked up more bread from the op shop. I'm trying to stock up for over the Christmas period when the volunteers have their break.

-Sold some more items on Gumtree. The money made this month will go towards our December debt totals.

-Bought some hazelnuts from a bulk food store for around $2.50 cheaper than Coles and the store were also giving away bags of icing sugar for free.

-Made a trip into the city to run some errands and also popped into Scitech which is close by (we have season passes), to watch a movie at the Planetarium.

-Mixed up enough butter blend to last for the next few weeks.

-Made hubby a Birthday dinner and homemade choc hazelnut cake.

-Took Mr 9 into the city for some free Christmas activities.We packed our own lunch and I stopped in at Kakulas Bros to pick up some spices and other items which are cheaper there than the supermarket.

Passata for the freezer
Mr 9 at the Planetarium
Hubby's Birthday fakeaway of burgers, chips and milkshakes.

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