Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Decorating- Less is More

Our Christmas tree

One of my favorite things about Christmas is decorating our house. When my Nanna was alive Christmas was her favorite time of year. She had a "more is more" philosophy in regards to everything. More food, more gifts -even in the beginnings of dementia she would wrap up canned food items and put them under the tree! and more decorating. Every very spare inch on her tree had a bauble and the ceiling would be filled with hanging decorations. As the years went on it became harder for her to put up any decorations so hubby and I would go over and do it for her.

When she passed away, I inherited a lot of my Nanna's decorations and every year would painstakingly hang the ceiling decorations in my own house.

But this year I decided not to hang the ceiling decorations up. Why? Because this particular tradition has started to become more hard work than something I look forward to. It's just not fun anymore. Some of my readers who follow me on Instagram may also know I am a convert of the Konmari method, and have recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. This has a part to play in my decision as well.

I had a massive stack of foam boxes which contained all of our Christmas decorations and in the past every year we would bring them all inside, I'd use the decorations in about 4, then the rest would be put in the garage again. Why?!

This year I bit the bullet and decluttered my Christmas stuff. You know what I found? Many of it was broken items I had been meaning to fix, as well as some purple and blue baubles when I had my white Christmas tree- which broke years ago! So it had to go. Now my house is only decorated with items I truly love and I have stuck with a traditional red, gold and silver theme which is timeless, year after year.

Many of my decorations were bought in post Christmas sales for half or a quarter of the original price. I strongly recommend doing this!

 Here's some photos of my thrifty Christmas decor. We spend most of our time in the kitchen, dining and back room so I chose to decorate only those rooms.

My Christmas ornaments are displayed on my upcycled TV cabinet turned bookcase.

A red and green bow, tied and then with some wire put in the middle enables it to be hooked onto frames.

Some tinsel and a cane garland I made years ago, makes the kitchen look festive.

A couple of $2 mini poinsettias, a garland and some empty Christmas boxes. Cheap but pretty.
Christmas cushion covers which were bought for $2.99 each about 10 years ago.

My advent calendar, fake poinsettias, op shopped wooden coaster and a Christmas tablecloth in the dining room.

Wishing everyone a very Happy and frugal Christmas!

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