Saturday, 12 December 2015

My Week's Frugal Tasks-13/12/15

Free bread!

Here's my frugal tasks for this week,

-Cooked a bulk batch of chicken and corn soup for dinner. I froze 4 portions for quick meals and boiled the chicken bones to make stock also for the freezer.

-Defrosted our freezers and did a stock take. Found some mashed potatoes which I turned into 2 trays of croquettes. We ate one tray with salad for dinner and froze one tray for a quick and easy meal. 

-I did my main grocery shop, including our Christmas ham, mince pies and ingredients to make a trifle. Plus a few treats for our Xmas Eve box. I also stocked up on baking goods, long life milk, cheese, butter, cream, toilet paper, peach tea cordial, bread wraps and deodorant which was on sale. The total price was $160 and I cashed in $100 of my accrued Fly Buys points. I also bought my turkey on sale at IGA so my total shopping was $88. 

-Diced and froze 5 kilos of onions tor later use.

-Made chocolate balls, some for treats and some for gifts.

-Used a $10 off voucher at Big W with my Everyday Rewards card to buy chocolates for last minute Christmas gifts. My total cost was only $3.75.

-Ran out of mayonnaise so I made some from scratch.

-Tie dyed a cheap Kmart white tee as a gift.

-Attended a free Christmas family night at Bunnings.

-Made more tomato pasta sauce for the freezer.

-Picked up some free rolls and bread from the op shop.

 -Did some Christmas crafts with Mr 9 using kits I bought for a quarter of the price at the end of the season.

My cheap groceries

Mr 9 with his slushie at the Christmas party

Bulk batch of potato croquettes

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