Sunday, 20 December 2015

My Frugal Tasks- 20/12/15

Sorry this is late. Last week was hectic!

We had friends over for a Christmas catch up, went to the Scitech Christmas party, my eldest son had his schools Christmas dinner, did some Xmas baking for gifts, caught up with a friend for lunch, dropped off some gifts to another friend and did some crafting!

Here's my frugal tasks I did this week:

-Packed a picnic dinner and went to a free Scitech Christmas party.

-Baked some shortbread and packaged them for gifts.

-Took Mr 9 for some free craft activities at Bunnings.

-Gave myself a DIY manicure ready for Mr 14's school dinner.

-Cooked dinner for friends. I had planned on cooking a BBQ, but it stopped working so I made a mince pasta bake and salad for dinner. Dessert was supposed to be pavlova but that didnt work our so I defrosted the spare hazlenut choc cake I made for hubby's birthday a few weeks ago, so we had that  for dessert. Normally I would have run out to the shops, so it was great to use food I had on hand.

-Made rocky road and peppermint bark, also for gifts.

-Sold some of my hand pored soy candles.

- Took Mr 9 for a drive to see some Christmas lights.

-Picked more tomatoes and silverbeet from my garden.

I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas!

Christmas lights.

Mr 14 and I, ready for his school dinner.

Homemade shortbread ready for frugal gifts.

Fun at Scitech.
Bunnings craft. I made the one on the left for my MIL, the blue on is Mr 9's.

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