Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Frugal Tasks 14/2/16

 We had a heatwave in Perth this week. Friends of ours who live a suburb away, have a weather gauge and said 2 days in a row temperatures were 47 and 45 degrees. The heat was so draining.

 Mr 9 had theater rehearsals during the week and was in performances on Friday and Saturday night. He had a great time and really loves acting. A lot of spare time this week was spent helping him with his lines, driving him to rehearsals and I also volunteered at the theater which meant being organized and cooking dinner early during the day so we could eat before we left or packing dinner to take because it was after 9pm by the time we got home.

It was such a busy week, but despite this I still managed to do a few things towards this week's frugal tasks.

-We spent a lot of time in the pool cooling down.

-Managed to hold off on using the air conditioner until after 1pm most days and made use of our fan and water cooler which is cheaper to run.

-Picked up some free bread, rolls and hot cross buns from the op-shop. I also found a new release kids book which I will put away for Mr 9's birthday for $1.50, and a knitted baby blanket for an upcoming baby shower which was $1. I plan to fancy it up using felt.

-We had some extra money sitting in a savings account and decided it would be of better use to put it towards paying off our debt. We are still working really hard at not spending even a dollar unnecessarily. I have been tracking our debt by using a printable with 75 swirls and each time we pay off $1000, I colour in one. this helps keep me focused and motivated.

-Mixed up some butter blend. You can find my recipe  here.

-Made another batch of laundry gel. This made around 10 litres and will last us 6 months.

-I sewed some beans for felt play food. My aim is to make a basketful which will make a great toddler gift.

-Sewed a felt Valentine's garland for our mantle.

-Baked a double batch of vanilla biscuits for Valentine's Day with Mr 14 and his friend and gave her some to take home.

Mr 9 loves helping pour the laundry gel into bottles.

6 months worth of laundry gel ready to go!

Felt beans.

Free bread, rolls, ciabatta and hot cross buns.

My great buys from the op shop.

The felt garland I made for Valentine's Day.

Heart biscuits.

Using a printable to track our debt totals keeps me motivated.


  1. Looks like a super week. I like the idea of coloring in swirls. Love the visual motivation.

    1. I love it too. The colouring is on my fridge and helps keep my family motivated. I also keep a word document on my computer and update it every month when our debt goes down :) Have a great week! x

  2. Love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. My son has all of them. Our tradition has been to read them over Christmas holidays (my son gets the newest book for Christmas). This year is the first year he refused to read it with me. Too old apparently (almost 14). I was sad but decided to read it myself :).

    Love your Valentine's garland by the way. No reason it has to be used just for valentine's day either.

    1. Hi Theresa, what a lovely tradition that is. Ah yes, I have been through that with my teens too! I still have the garland up for now :)
      Have a great day x