Saturday, 27 February 2016

My Frugal Task's 28/2/16

Stewed apples and a lovely apple cake

-I received a $25 Woolworth's voucher in the mail for a phone survey I did a few weeks ago. I will put this towards this fortnight's grocery budget ( I allow $100) and will use $25 in cash to put towards our debt.

-Sorted out our seed box, which was over flowing and have now stored them all in a large ice cream container. I made a list of what seeds we have and Mr 9 decorated his own "seed packets". We added some seeds from our garden and will give these to a friend. We also collected some more rocket and silver beet seeds for our collection and planted some thyme, lettuce and more silver beet.

-Called in to Bunnings to buy some more lettuce, spinach and kale seeds. This cost just over $6. While we were there Mr 9 enjoyed a free pony cycle ride. We had seen these in a shopping centre over Christmas and they were charging $10 for a 15 minute ride!

-I've been saving water and using it on our blueberry bush, strawberry plant and vegetable pots.

-I received some free fruitless hot cross buns for free. Hubby is the only one who likes them and because we had 3 packets, I put a couple in the freezer and used the other to make a bread and butter pudding. It was delicious!

-Chopped, snap froze and bagged an excess of broccoli for later and made a large broccoli and cheese bake that we had as a main with other vegetables one night for dinner and the rest as a side dish on another night.

-Made a double batch of bolognaise mince using half beef and half TVP with lots of grated veggies. One night we had spaghetti bolognaise and the next night I added cumin, chilli and half a tin of mashed baked beans to make a Mexican mince and we ate this with rice. Hubby also had lettuce and cucumber with his. There was some left over and I mixed it with the rice for lunches the next day.

-I made another felt fox and raccoon to give to a friend.

- Bought some broccoli for 50 c a kilo. I cut, blanched and froze it to use later and also made a large cauliflower and broccoli bake that we had as a main with other vegetables on night for dinner and the rest as a side dish on another night.

-Set up our grey water hose to our washing machine so our undercover garden beds will get watered. this had been packed up so Mr 9 could ride his scooter on the pavers out the back.

-Purchased 5kg of cat biscuits using a $10 Kmart I earned from doing online surveys. The bag cost $12, so my out of pocket expense was only $2.

-Hubby and Mr 14 baked honey joy slice and vanilla biscuits, we ran out of icing sugar for decorating so he sprinkled coloured sugar on top instead.

-I found a zucchini and chocolate cake in the freezer and used this for morning/afternoon teas.

-A friend won tickets to a performance, but couldn't make it so she gave the tickets to us. It was a lovely free date night for hubby and myself. I cooked chicken stir fry and rice and packed it in containers for us to eat while we were out.

-We drove to a local orchard and bought apples for $1 a kilo, plums and nectarines for $1.50. We had some soft apple in the fridge no body would eat so I stewed them up with cinnamon and popped them in freezer bags to make crumble later on. I also made a vanilla cake and layered apples on the top then sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar. Really yummy.

-Baked healthy banana and oat biscuits.

-Received some of our favourite T2 tea from a friend.

-Went for a family day out to the Swan Valley. We packed leftover homemade pizza, biscuits, fruit, drinks and ate lunch at a park. We also visited a couple of chocolate factories for free samples and dropped into a honey store where a friend of ours works. It was a fun day out and only cost us the petrol we used.

Our seeds all sorted into a large ice cream container.

Mr 9 having fun on a free pony cycle ride.

Mr 9's strawberry plant is doing well, now the weather has cooled down.

Bread and butter pudding made with hot cross buns

Cauliflower and broccoli bake, cumin and maple carrots and rocket from our garden for dinner.

Our fruit haul from the orchard.

Banana and oat biscuits.

Miss 17, Mr 14 and Mr 9 on our trip out to Swan Valley

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