Saturday, 28 November 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks- 29/11/15

The gift basket I made for a friend, with homemade goodies.

Things have been busy here this week. Mostly with tidying up the yards and getting our pool ready for summer. But here's a list of my frugal tasks for the week.

- Picked up some free bread from the op shop. 

- Made 9 jars of passata with my home grown cherry tomatoes and gave some away to friends.

- Replanted some succulents from cuttings and tidied up my courtyard.

- Received some woodchips from a friend to top up my garden beds.

- Hubby replaced a section of our patio sheeting, saving money on labour.

-Gave a friend a Birthday gift of homemade goodies.

-Made some kale chips with kale that needed to be used.

-Started writing/drawing in a notebook  for self care and inspiration. I already had the notebook in my home education stockpile. 

- Made myself an advent candle rather than buying one for $10.

- Cooked and extra zucchini slice, apple cake and potato bake for the freezer, for when I feel like a night off from cooking.

-Put up our Christmas tree, decluttered my Christmas ornaments and discarded any broken ones and have listed some I no longer want on Gumtree.

 What frugal tasks have you done this week?
Homemade passata.
Free reclaimed bread we got this week.

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