Sunday, 15 November 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks- 15/11/15

I've been inspired by Wendy Gower's blog who some of you might remember from A Current Affair. I love her frugal tasks and look forward to reading it each week! Now I plan on making note of frugal things I do each week, to keep myself accountable. I've been finding that time just flies by and on a day to day basis I forget the little things we do to save money can really add up.

So many cherry tomatoes from our volunteer plants!

 -Took Mr 9 to Bunnings for a kids DIY workshop. He made a wooden tray which we will give away as a Christmas gift.

- I bought a carpet sweeper for $10 on Gumtree. Our new carpet shows up every little speck of dirt and using the sweeper will mean I can vacuum less often and save power.

-Picked lots of volunteer cherry tomatoes from our garden.

-Gave a homemade fused glass necklace and earrings Mr 9 and I made at a workshop to my Mother-in-law for her belated birthday.

-Packed water, yoghurt, muesli bars and fruit when we visited my MIL in hospital as I knew we would have to pay around $10 for parking.

-Used a free movie voucher we had and took myself to see The Dressmaker. I also packed a drink and snacks from home.

-Took advantage of the 20% off at JB Hi Fi and a DVD set for a friends Christmas Gift.

-Made a Christmas Advent calendar from cardboard toilet rolls, paint and ribbon I all had on hand. Also found some Christmas chocolates I bought on sale last year to fill it.

-Volunteered for my local Transition Town group at a Multicultural Food Fair and ate dinner at home before we left- I knew I made the right decision when I saw that one stall was selling spiral potato on a stick for $7 each! But we enjoyed helping out, the free rides and fireworks. I also got a free keep cup.

- Picked up some free bread, pizza bases and rolls from my local op shop.

- Got a free 7 day gym membership, Spec Savers voucher, water bottle, pens, lollies and more at a local business promotion day.

- Planted some lettuce seedlings.

- Got a couple of free paint samples tins from Masters which I got in the same colour so I can use it to paint our patio.

-Made my niece some "Pontipines" as a Christmas gift with scrap bits of felt and pegs.  

-Washed the dishes by hand a couple of times this week, instead of running the dishwasher.

The homemade fuse bead necklace and earrings.

The free Keep Cup we received for volunteering.

Mr 9 doing some woodworking at Bunnings.

The "Pontipines" I made for a Christmas gift.
Mr 9 planting some lettuce.

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