Sunday, 22 November 2015

This Weeks Frugal Tasks- 21/11/15

Christmas craft that Mr 9 made at Bunnings this week

- Picked up another couple of free sample paint tins and decking oil from Masters. I've been collecting the same colour for a year or so whenever they run the promotion and I now have enough to paint my patio for free.

-There is no spare money in the budget to spend on outdoor furniture or plants but I want to make our area look nice ready for summer entertaining, so I dug a few plants out of existing garden beds and transplanted them. We also have a lot of succulents which grow by breaking pieces off and creepers which do the same so it is easy to break some off from areas that are growing to rapidly and plant them in bare spots.

 -A friend gave me a couple of sun lounges she was getting rid off and I painted them using some of the free samples in our collection. Now we have some lovely furniture for our pool 

-Brought in my water cooler from the shed and cleaned it ready for use this Summer. We've had a heatwave here in Perth and the water cooler costs around 6c per hour to run compared to the air conditioner. which costs 70c.

-Harvested more cherry tomatoes and silverbeet from our garden.

-Defrosted 500g of bacon to make a hokkien noodles for dinner but decided to only used half the meat and bulk out the meal with more vegies. With the other half of the bacon I'll make a creamy tomato pasta bake for dinner tonight.

- Cashed in $60 worth of vouchers I earned through doing online surveys. These will be used to purchase Christmas gifts.

-Hubby found a website that allows you to send free text messages through your computer. So when I've been out and about running errands he will sms me using that and saved on buying phone credit this week.

-It is off pay week so I got creative with whats in my cupboard for homemade snacks. I made jelly, icy poles, honey and oat slice and a banana cake using my stockpile of frozen bananas.

-Had to buy some chemicals for our pool from Bunnings so also took Mr 9 so he could join in on the free kids workshop. He made a couple of lovely Christmas items to decorate our house. 

-Sold some unused items on Gumtree and any money we make will be put on the mortgage to help pay off our debt.

-Miss 16 got a job (woo hoo!) working at a cafe last week. She had a black tee shirt which is suitable for work but needed some black pants. I did not have time to look around for a pair so just picked them up from Kmart, because she is short I will hem them up on my sewing machine. 

-Picked up some free bread and rolls from the op shop. The lady there knows us well and told us to take as much as we wanted, so we now have plenty of bread in our freezer. While there I had a quick look around and found Miss 16 a spare pair of work pants for only $2.

-Borrowed some books for home ed and DVDs from our public library. 

-Bought 5kg of carrots which were on sale for $2.99. They are normally 99c a kilo so this is pretty much 2 kg for free! I have kept some in the fridge for eating and meals during the week and the rest will be blanched and put in the freezer. I also got 8kg of onions for $2 and will chop and freeze most of them, also cheap zucchinis so will make a zucchini and chocolate cake for the freezer and a couple of zucchini slices. Buying in bulk like this can save lots of money.

-Picked up some bags of $1 lollies for the kids from Kmart for stocking fillers.

Free reclaimed bread from the op shop. Ive frozen most of it for later.

Volunteer tomatoes in our garden.

Silver beet in our pallet garden bed.

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