Saturday, 27 August 2016

My Frugal Tasks 24/8/16

Salad greens from our garden.

Another week has gone by so fast. I really want to focus on getting the rest of my gifts made ready for Christmas!

-I made some lip balms with items I already had. I bought the ingredients and tubes a while ago with my last candle supply order and forgot I had them! These are now in the gift cupboard.

-Thursday was beautiful and sunny here and I was in a cleaning mood. I cleaned our upholstered dining chairs and put them in the sun to dry, vacuumed, mopped and dusted the chandeliers. The house feels so tidy now!

-While a potato bake for dinner was in the oven cooking I also baked some muesli.

-Cleaned out my fridge and food cupboards. I found a packet of yoghurt mix in the back and made that up in my yoghurt maker.

-Made up another big container of kale salad for the fridge.

- I baked some red kidney bean chocolate cupcakes with some leftover kidney beans I had in the freezer and Mr 10 and I made meringues.

-Sold and couple of items on Gumtree and made $20.

-Collected the rainwater in buckets and tubs.

-On Friday night  I made a 'fakeaway' dinner of fish and chips. The fish was on sale for $5.50 a kilo and I bought frozen chips for $1.89. I also bought a bottle of lemonade for 65c .A yummy dinner for 5 people for $7.95. The last time we ate fish and chips out at a well known seafood eatery it cost us over $100!

-Had a movie night with Mr 10 and watched a couple of DVD's from our collection.

-Picked up 2 free loaves of bread and crackers from the op-shop. I also found a beautiful soft pink baby blanket, like new for $1. I was so pleased! A friend of mine is pregnant and doesnt know the sex of the baby so I've decided if I can find some lovely cheap items at the op shop I will have a girl and boy gift ready!

-Made another batch of hot chocolate mix.

I hope you have had a wonderful week. xx

Potato bake with a crunchy topping.

Potato bake with salad for dinner.

Lovely soft $1 baby blanket from the op shop.

Homemade meringues.

Lip balm labelled ready for gifting.


  1. The baby blanket looks lovely! It's nice to find such thrifty and useful gifts like that. Perhaps you're friend will have a girl!

    1. Hi Meg,
      Thank you! It is so soft and lovely with satin on the inside too, I was just rapped with the price! She tells me her pregnancy is very different from the first one so fingers crossed! xx

  2. What a great week, Mel. The baby blanket was a great find.


    1. Hi Janine,
      Yes, a great find indeed! xx

  3. Dear Mel, It sounds like you have the Spring cleaning bug too. Its good though isn't it! When the sun is shining though... We had the lovely few days and back to rain now.
    I love the meringues, the lip balms look beautiful and the potato bake yum. The baby rug looks really luxurious! That was a bargain.
    I hope you have a good week. There are flying by a bit fast. I had a good week last week. I did zero painting today though! I baby sat and shopped and ran out of day!
    With love,

    1. Dear Annabel,
      I can't wait for Spring! we are back to rain here also. Thank you so much, lip balms are super easy to make and can be expensive to buy. The rug is just adorable. Time is going way too fast, it wil be Christmas before we know it! I'm glad you had a good week. Babysitting sounds fun, I bet Harper gives the best squishy baby cuddles! xx

  4. Hi Mel,
    Looks like you had a great week. Fish and chips sound yum.I might make some this weekend.I have had the fish in the freezer for awhile. It is a holiday weekend here so the fish
    will go over well.
    I just love the precious pink baby blanket.
    I really like the chap stick! Mine is very exspensive because I have fragrance allergies so I need to buy unscented organic. I would love to know how you made them.
    It has been hot here for along time. Summer here will end
    by about October. It will officially be fall before that.
    I am looking forward to the cooler weather. I miss the baking and soups and oven meals.
    Have a great week.