Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How To Make Sprouts

Sprouting seeds is really easy for anyone to do, even the kids or grand kids can do it. It is perfect for anytime of the year and produces some wonderful edible greens, for a fraction of the price of store bought sprouts. 

If you are doing a few varieties at a time you will need to use separate jars for each seed.

You will need:

Seeds for sprouting like alfalfa, mung beans, lentils or chick peas
A jar
Square of material like muslin or cotton, a hanker chief works well
Elastic band
Paper towel
Spray bottle

Fist place a couple of tablespoons of seeds in the jar and half fill the jar with water. 

Place the fabric over the top of the jar opening and secure it in place with a rubber band.

Leave to soak for at least 6 hours, then drain the liquid and rinse a few times.

Lay out some paper towels on a plate and spread the seeds out on top.

Keep the plate in a warm area and spray the seeds with water when the paper towel feels dry. 

Within a few days you will have some lovely edible sprouts. They can be stored in a container in the fridge.



  1. Thanks for this, Mel, you make growing sprouts sound easy. I will give this a try for summer salads. One, question. Where do you get your seeds.

    1. Hi Janine,
      I get all of lentils, mung beans and alfalfa seeds from Kakulas Bros in Northbridge because they are the cheapest. You can also buy some at Bunnings. xx

  2. Gosh - I must unpack those last 10 boxes....I know I have a sprouts set of stacking containers in there somewhere. After reading this I am now craving sprouts again.

    1. Hi Mr Homemaker,
      Ah, the dreaded last boxes! Spouts are delicious:)

  3. My mom used to make sprouts for us when I was a teenager and they were so good! I saw a sprout growing thing at the thrift store the other day that was similar to what my mom used to us. I am kicking myself for not picking it up now.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Those sprout containers are expensive here. That's why I make mine on a plate. If you see another, pick it up for sure! xx