Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Walking With A Baby T-Rex

Next month the Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular show is coming to Perth. We all thought this sounded pretty impressive until I checked out the prices, which are not for the faint hearted. I mean who could afford these tickets? Certainly not anyone on a budget!

Then I found out via social media, that the baby T-Rex dinosaur as featured in the show, would be appearing around Perth shopping centres to promote Walking With Dinosaurs. Best of all, this would be for free! Which coincidentally, is the price I can afford to pay!

We made sure we got there early to get a good view and we were not disappointed. There was also some prizes being handed out for answering dino related questions and Miss 16 and Mr 8 both won a set of cool badges each.

The baby T-Rex itself was amazing. It moved so realistically and would stalk and snap and roar at the crowd.  We somehow forgot it was a puppet and not a real dinosaur and were completely immersed in this great show.

The baby T-Rex was quite happy to be petted. Seeing this dinosaur was awesome and made me feel the wonder and excitement of being a kid again. If you have the means to do so, I would definitely recommend seeing either the free mini show at a shopping centre near you, or the arena spectacular.

Sometimes living on a strict budget can get me down. I feel guilty for not being able to afford to go to the movies or big shows such as this. We are currently saving up to get our pool repaired and leaking gutters and patio fixed and I know this will be worth it in the long run, but there are days when it is tough. We try to save up for a local holiday each year, but other than that most of what we do for entertainment is free. I do feel very grateful to live in a great city like Perth which host a cool range of free family events.

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