Monday, 2 March 2015

February Grocery Shop

Before I go shopping I withdraw the allocated $400 grocery budget out of the bank and keep it in a little zip lock bag. In this bag, I also keep any bonus Fly Buy coupons and my tell Coles survey which I do every month to get $5 off my grocery bill, adding up to a bonus saving of $60 a year!
I also store my receipts in the bag which helps to keep track of my spending.

If I see a great special I will buy enough to put in my stockpile, which saves money on the following months shopping bill.  For most items I buy generic brands or which ever item works out to be the cheapest per 100g. 

I used to only do a big shop each month with a top up for fresh produce in between, but by doing that I've found I've missed out on good specials. So these days if I am traveling pasta new shopping centre I will call in to check it out. A good example of this is while visiting my parents in law who live about half an hour away we had to call in to a chemist on the way home to pick up a script for hubby. I noticed there was a large oriental grocery store there, so had a browse. There I found eggs at $1.89 for 1 dozen and watermelon for 59c a kilo! Both of these items were at half the price compared to my local store and I still had quite a bit of money left in the food budget, so I could afford to buy them.


3 bags bi carb soda  $4.77
2 x 1.8 kg sausages (clearance)  $7.22
Polony  $2.42
6 x 2 ltrs milk (special) $9.00
Homebrand rice bubbles $2.00
Home Brand cocoa puffs  $2.00
Total                                                  $28.39


Rolled rib roast $14.86
Lamb leg roast $21.13
Pork leg roast  $13.82
Whole chicken $10.30
Chicken drumsticks $6.26
Cheese kansky $3.99
Bananas $2.95
Orange bubble bar $1.99

Total $65


Borax $8.20

Total $8.20


2 x 12packs toilet paper $9.00
2 x 2 litre  white vinegar $2.78
Frozen blueberries $4.50
Frozen rasberries $4.50
2x 1kg frozen corn $5.00
2 x 1kg mince $10.00
4 kg chicken thighs $25.82
Sour cream  $2.20
5x 500g butter $15.00
2 kg plain flour $1.85
2kg self raising flour $1.85
2 x taco shells $4.80
Tomato paste $1.28
Caramel topping $2.65
Wraps $6.00
Sandwich bags 50 pack $2.00
Large ziplock bags 20 pack $2.40
Mini zip lock bags 50 pack $1.90
2 x 500g brown sugar $3.38
Cling wrap $2.15
2 x marshmallows  $3.00
Cooking choc chips $ 1.75
2x 1kg dish powder $ 4.58
Hair dye $10.00
2x 500ml shampoo $3.80
Corn chips $4.32

 Total $ 136.51

Armadale Fresh

2 x coconut cream $1.98
1 ltr coconut oil $8.99
1 ltr sweet chilli sauce $2.49
2 doz eggs $5.00
Butternut pumpkin 3 for $1
Rice paper $ 1.29
Red plums $ 1.74
Mandarin and zucchini 2 bags for $1
Red and green capsicum 4 bags for $1.50 (lady only charged me for 2)
Pocky $1.99

Total $26.48

Kakulas Brothers

350 g dried cranberries $2.78
.875g Himalayan pink salt  $ 10.06
2 vanilla pods $3.98

Total $16.92


1 ltr shower gel $4.99
4 x deodorant  (half price sale) $13.08

 Total $18.07


Mushrooms (clearance)  50c
2 x Vietnamese salad kit $1.20

Total $1.70

Oriental Supermarket

4.8 kg watermelon $2.86
Sushi rice $3.34
4 dozen eggs $7.56
Nori wraps $1.65

Total $15.40

Total Cost=  $316.60


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