Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Beginning.

                                                          “The beginning is always today.”
                                                                    ― Mary Shelley

I had every intention on starting this blog 12 months ago, but time just slips by and life got in the way. So let me go back and tell you where this journey first began. December 2012, I was working as a counter hand. The company I worked for closed over the Christmas period so I had a few weeks to evaluate my work situation. I was not happy there and some changes needed to be made. Around this time my youngest children were both having difficulties at the public school they attended. My 11 year old was struggling with reading and writing and was constantly getting into fights. My 6 year old was also having issues and I could foresee him going down the same path as his brother.

I had decided the boys would not return to their school in the new year, but due to finances, private schooling was not an option. I was familiar with the idea of home schooling as several years ago when my eldest child was 8, she was the victim of severe bullying and due to she was removed from school and was home educated for a year. After this time she decided she wanted to go back to school and has been in the public school system with no problems ever since.

Over the summer, my husband and I discussed the possibility of homeschooling our boys. It was a decision that was not to be taken lightly as I knew of the challenges ahead. It would also mean a huge change in our income because for the last 5 years I have been the income earner. Due to my husbands debilitating health problems he is unable to work and it is likely he ever will again. He voiced concern that because of his illness, homeschooling the children alone may be a problem. This was when I decided I would not return to my casual job and would instead stay home and educate the boys with my husband helping when he was able to.We discussed the idea of home school to the boys, who were happy to give it a go.

As they say the rest is history. It has now been 16 months since that decision was made and my life has changed profoundly. I view things so differently, there is no going back. Fortunately I have been lucky enough to pick up odd jobs to supplement our income. As crazy as it sounds, we now have substantial savings in the bank which is something we never had before, even when I was working and earning a good wage. What has changed, you ask? I made a budget, stuck to it and stopped spending unnecessarily. These days I am ridiculously frugal, sometimes to the annoyance of my family. But a dollar saved is almost as good as a dollar earned

With this blog I hope to share some of the things I do to save money yet still have fun. Being on a budget doesn't have to mean living a dull and boring life! There is happiness to be found in the simple things.

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