Sunday, 18 September 2016

Taking a break...

I am taking a short break from blogging. I've had mental health issues in the past and am currently struggling once again. I made the decision to go on medication a couple of weeks ago, and I am now working my way through the side effects which have me feeling exhausted at the smallest of tasks. Right now my only focus is to get well again.

Thank you to all my wonderful readers for your support and positive comments, it means a lot to me!



  1. Dear Mel,
    I have the utmost respect and my prayers are out to you. I pray you'll adjust well to your medicine and that your healthcare provider be attuned to exactly what you need. Please be kind to yourself. You look after your family so well, please rest up and I hope you have all of the support you need. Your readers will be right here when you feel better.
    Xxx Colette

  2. Hi Mel,
    I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well. I do hope the side effects from the medication won't last too long and won't be too severe. You are so generous with your skills and talents, but now it is time to put yourself first. Take care.

  3. Take good care of yourself beautiful girl. We Mums tend to put everyone else before us til we are running on empty. Treat yourself kindly, rest and do whatever makes you happiest. Sending you healing hugs. Lisa x

  4. I really love reading your wonderful blog. I hope you feel better soon. Sending healing vibes. Take care xxx

  5. Mel,
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Ride out the will always does.
    Just be kind to yourself..look forward to your return.
    Leah :)

  6. Hugs and well wishes...
    Take your time and care for yourself.
    I suffer from anxiety, and I know how important it is to address it head on.
    We will be here whenever you return. : )

  7. Dear Mel. I'm sorry to hear of your struggle. I hope the medication does it's job and you feel more on top of things very soon. Love, Mimi xxx

  8. Dear Mel,
    Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. Hope you are soon feeling lots better. I am always inspired by your posts and look forward to your return. Take good care. You are in my thoughts. Jo

  9. Wanting to wish you well, Mel. I hope that you'll be feeling better soon. All the very best of wishes to you. Meg

  10. How brave of you to be so honest, it is good role modelling for others who are also struggling. Most people have times in their lives when it is difficult, but do not like to admit it as is seen as a weakness. take care of yourself, you are an amazing person and a real inspiration. Praying for you. xx Ann

  11. We will miss your postings, of course, but you're doing well in recognizing when you're getting overwhelmed and dropping back for a little. Thank you for giving us a heads up so we won't worry if something happened to you. Get well soon! ((hug))

  12. Oh no Mel, so sorry I only just saw this.
    I have been there. You are wise to take time off. And it is good you know the signs in yourself. Thinking of you. With much love Annabel.xxxx

  13. Mel do what you have to do to get yourself well again. Will be thinking of you.

  14. Sending love from our family to you. We'll all be here when you feel like popping back in