Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bunnings Easter Family Night

I have mentioned before that we love Bunnings! It is a great store for families on a budget. They run  free kids workshops every weekend and also have free family nights during the year.

This year our local store had a dinosaur themed night. We really look forward to these events because they are done so well, and free activities are a winner in my book!

Unfortunately, I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked due to a severe tooth ache (I had it pulled out the following day and part of the reason I forgot to blog about this earlier!)

When we got there, the store was decorated with inflatable dinosaurs and each child was given a gift of a growing dinosaur egg as we arrived.

There were several tables of activities set up including face painting, 2 different excavation activities, exploding volcano experiment, safari hat craft, inflatable dino land and Easter egg hunt.

We also each got a sausage sizzle and drink for dinner. Such fun!

These family nights are run on Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Because these events do get busy, you have to book in advance but can do so on their website: Bunnings

What are some of the free events your family have been to?

Finding a matching up some fossils.

Digging away at a plaster egg. Inside was a little dinosaur.


Bicarb soda + coloured vinegar = chemical reaction!

Free chocolate!

Inflatable dino world.

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  1. Hi Mel, I also used to love Bunnings for these events when my kids were younger (they are teens now. We also used to attend events at shopping centres often free or a nominal fee eg. Breakfast with Santa, morning tea and meet the easter bunny, movie preimere through a local newspaper competition, new shopping centre openings often had free face painting, animal petting zoo, Jumping castles etc. The local library is a good source of cheap or free activities especially during school holidays even now my 15 year old just completed a barista workshop at the local library. We also have a free magazine here called Sydneys Child which was a great resource for info on free and budget friendly activities. Sometimes we had to travel a bit but we would take a picnic and then our only cost was the petrol or public transport fare to get there.