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Writing Class

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My youngest child, Mr 8, is an absolute bookworm. This kid is an absolute machine. In the last 6 months he has read around 15 books, I'm talking NOVELS not early reader type books. That's not even including the countless comics and graphic novels he has devoured. Anyway despite this love for the written word, he hates writing, with a passion. He complains about it. Every. Single. Day. "I hate writing stories" he says, so we try copy work. "I hate copy work!" But then again I shouldn't be surprised. He is 8 years old, after all, and "hates" doing everything, including schoolwork and chores but loves anything Lord Of The Rings or gaming related. Go figure.

Recently, my Library was holding free kids writing classes to coincide with a local children's writing competition.  I booked my 3  kids in. The classes were all on separate days and times because of the different age groups but, the Library is only a 10 minute drive away so I didn't mind. After all, it was free! 

Miss 15 was quite happy as she is a wonderful writer and was looking forward to going, Mr 12 was very "Meh" about it all, but he also is really improving in his English skills so was ok with it. Mr 8 on the other hand, well, needless to say there was an improvised dramatic performance from him, which I found rather amusing. When this production was over, I let him know that the Library had called to confirm numbers as they were planning on ordering a lunch of pizza for the children to enjoy once the class was over.

I watched my youngest son pause, until he finally replied " pizza?! Well, writing class might be fun..."

It was. The class was facilitated by DJ Stutely, who is the author of a series of young adult novels. She explained the process of writing a story and how it always begins with a setting. 

DJ also discussed characters and how to use dialogue, feeling and emotions in a story and provided the kids with some story mapping worksheets. 

Mr 8, was so engaged and involved. Every time I looked over at him he was writing furiously which is a far cry from the struggle of writing at home.  

Writing with no complaints! It's a miracle!

He came up with a really great story about a magical snowman (he's been obsessed with snowmen for the last few years) and has entered this short story into a local kids writing competition. By the end of the class the children had come up with some amazing and interesting stories and then enjoyed some pizza and soft drink.

Free pizza!

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